perspectives in education – from MoTiv

During their three-day visit ‘MoTiv’ gave a talk for the Imperial’s Education Development Unit. The talk  was part of the regular ‘perspectives in education’ series.

Motiv - teamI had been sharing the plans for the ‘Night of Engineering Philosophy’ at an away day for support staff to look at the new Education Strategy. It seemed a perfect example of how Chaplaincy might be doing work to compliment the curriculum.

This led to an invitation for ‘MoTiv’ to give a lecture about their educational work and practice.

So, Gunther talked about the German idea of ‘Bildung’ – education as a personal, cultural and critical formation. For those of us in the UK this is a different approach to education.

Renske shared their experience of assisting students to develop their leadership skills. And Hans shared the ideas of Richard Sennett about the skills of co-operation. (When we discovered over a year ago that  we had all been reading Richard Sennett to think about chaplaincy we knew we should look to do some work together!)

There is more information about the talk, and links to ‘MoTiv‘s slides at Imperial’s   Educational Development Unit.