The Austrians are coming!

Another a-typical day in Chaplaincy! We have just hosted Ingrid, Christoph and Nikolaus from the Catholic Diocese of Graz-Seckau in Austria. They were part of a group of 12 sent out to Germany, France and the UK to look at different forms of Church life.

We managed to give them a snapshot of a day in the life of Chaplaincy. We went on a tour the campus and called in at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Workshop to see some undergraduate engineering projects (many thanks to Vic Boddy from EEE pictured above).

We also visited the prayer rooms. Our visitors attended the Catholic and Anglican mid-day services and had lunch with students and staff. The in the afternoon Ingrid and Nikolaus came on a tour and discussion on ‘burials and death’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum. We had set this up for students of the Royal College of Art. ‘Hello, welcome, let’s talk about death, burials and cremations!’ Rikke took Christophe to the Mandarin Chinese Christian group meeting in Chaplaincy and then to Silent RCA. We all met up at More House to hear about the work of the Chemin-neuf from Miguel and Audrey.

Pictures of the day are on Ingrid’s blog – a few entries down.

– if you are not a German speaker enjoy the peculiar results of Google Translator!