New year and a new role!

30 B TorringtonNot many posts this last year!

The reason – I spent six months temporarily acting as  lead Higher Education Chaplain for London Diocese. Then, since the retirement of our boss Stephen Williams in March, I was asked to continue in the role. It is an ‘additional responsibility’ and not a new job!

So I am also continuing in my present role as Chaplain to the Colleges here in South Kensington (which is the calm way of saying I have been trying to compress an extra full-time post into one day a week! – the reason that blog posts have stopped!)

It is a great opportunity to support our Diocesan team of nineteen highly talented HE chaplains.

Looking forward to a new year year ahead.


One thought on “New year and a new role!

  1. boyc0031 September 21, 2015 / 11:11 pm

    This change of roles seems to be so right! I think you are ideal for such a role, and I hope the Diocese can eventually find some new blood for Imperial to fill in behind you. The only drawback, it seems to me, that all the network you have built at Imperial must be re-established.
    Perhaps your blog might be transformed into one about leadership and mentoring among HE chaplains?

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