Seeking Silence in September

This month I want to listen out for the everyday silences in my life.

I want to see where I can find the silences that already exist. I am not going to be extra silent or give up talking or seeing people. It is about seeking what is already here but overlooked (or rather unheard!).Freshers Fair CrowdSeptember is a great month for me to seek ‘everyday silence’. It is not going to be a quiet month. In two weeks the Chaplaincy Centre is moving to a new site in College – so I have meetings with the project manager, the contractor, and the removers.  The university is gearing up for the new academic year and so  I will also be doing the annual rounds of ‘welcome’ talks to new students.

My life seems to have little space for silence. I live in the center of a huge city full of noise and activity. Talking and sharing are vital to me and my partner, and our children.  I have job that is about communication and conversation. So, while affirming all of these good things, can I start to notice the silence around me?

Are there any times of silence that I have not noticed before?

Is there any silence, or just moments with less noise?

What is the connection between inner personal silence and the noises or silences around me?

Does silence help with conversation and relationships?

I welcome comments about how and where you find silence in your life and what it means for you.

Posts and tweets (@awillson1) to follow.


2 thoughts on “Seeking Silence in September

  1. boyc0031 September 2, 2013 / 1:42 am

    Two years ago my wife Sandy and I conducted a funeral for a close friend who had been killed in a car crash. He was one of Australia’s leading public landscape architects. It was a very sacred task to enter his private life. Alongside his bed he kept a copy of Steiner’s book “Silence” which he obviously dipped into frequently. A benedictine monk from an abbey in Western Australia, where my friend and his wife and colleague had created a master plan for their development, read a section at his funeral. I think silence was a major contributor to my friend’s life of balance, human sensitivity and creativity and a significant means of attaining the simplicity in life for which he was passionate.

    • andrewwillson September 6, 2013 / 10:21 am

      Geoff, your experience confirms my hunch that more people are relating to silence than our general conversation would suggest – but maybe silence is by its nature a quiet hidden presence, as in the life of your dear friend.

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