Muslim Chaplaincy in the US

I have been following the tweets of Dr Ingrid Mattson on the ‘Innocence of the Prophet’ film and the violent protests against it. Dr Mattson was a key-note speaker at the Global Chaplains conference I attended in Yale in the Summer.  She talked about developing the first university accredited training course for Muslim Higher Education Chaplains in the US. It is an interesting story of establishing a new role within Islam.

What I especially liked was the way she was able to describe the role of the Chaplain in helping students to reflect for themselves on their own religious tradition. She was good too on how religions contain multiple views on the same topics . What she was describing was how Chaplains helped to develop personal religious literacy. This is not the role of policing doctrine and enforcing ethics. Dr Mattson described the way she encouraged student chaplains to respond sensitively to the personal issues of their students.

Her key-note talk is at

or follow her  @IngridMattson


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