Farewell my friends:part 1

 This week we held a leaving party for my Catholic colleague, Miguel Desjardins. We have worked together for the last two years and it has been a pleasure. He has introduced me to his religious community, the Chemin Neuf. It was with them that I spent a week on a silent retreat back in May – see earlier post.

I am grateful for many things but especially through Miguel of getting to know a community that crosses many of the boundaries of the different Christian traditions – Catholic and genuinely open to other Christians; Ignatian and so deeply centred in The Word in ways that surprise those who live in the Protestant traditions; sacramental and just a little charismatic; inspired by historic  monastic tradition and offering a community for clergy, professed religious sisters and brothers, single women and men, and married couples.

So, for all the easy co-ooperation, for sharing in the weeks of guided prayer, the talks and presentations, the services for the week of prayer for Christian Unity – and for the taste of Burgundy wines –  many thanks.

Best wishes for parish life in Paris!


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