Confessional Writing Project

Here are the photos of Koby Barhad’s project.He is studying on the Design Interactions course at the Royal College of Art. He asked me to take part in an early trial. He had written a stream of consciouness peice about his day. This came up on the far laptop screen but just one word at a time.

I was able to type my response to his words on the laptop in front of me. But again I could only see one word. As soon as I pressed the space bar the word I had just written disappeared! Very quickly I lost all sense of what I had written. It was quite liberating not being able to look back over the sentence. It meant not being able to worry if I was making sense. So I just wrote and wrote and wrote. Soon I found tears running down my face as I found myself writing about being a father. It was like a moment in therapy. It was a really positive liberating experience. No need to worry about writing something to share or if others will understand it, just write for oneself! is this writing as a way to self-awareness or what my Buddhist friends call ‘mindfulness’?

More info on Koby’s project at


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