Silent RCA in the Sauna


Derpartment 21 from 2010

Aloka, my Buddhist colleague, and I have just been invited to host an afternoon of silence in the sauna! No, it’s not going to be naked silence!

The RCA has a student led project called Department 21 that promotes interdisciplinary working among artists and designers. They are building a ‘sauna tent’ outside the RCA and the Albert Hall. Each afternoon  as the sauna slowly warms up for the steamy evening sweat session various events will take place.

These ‘happenings’ will include;

‘MOVED’ with a movement workshop based on Japanese butoh dance.

‘HEARD’  will use recordings taken during the student protests to raise questions about the body in public space.

‘SILENCE’ when the venue is dedicated to silent reflection or contemplation.

‘SPOKEN’  looking at speech, maybe poetry, on short topics that can be spoken about in a hot space.

So Aloka and I are now planning how to make the most of this interesting space for silence that will be built next to the Number 9 bus stop.


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