Silent RCA

‘Silent RCA’  is a project that has been running for over a year.  It began when I noticed that I was having conversations about silence with students at the Royal College of Art. The students came from Christian, Muslim and different secular stances but we were all talking about silence and contemporary life.

After these conversations Josephine (a student from gold and silversmithing) and I began to hold weekly sessions where we would sit silently for 15 minutes. People came from a wide range of relgious and non-religious traditions to find some peace in being silent while we listened to the sounds of the College carrying on around us.

Some of the bells in the picture were used to start and end the session. The individuals who made the bells were simply asked to make shapes. Then they were cast and rung to see what inherent sound they could create.

This year Aloka, the Buddhist Faith Advisor and I are hosting the sessions – if you are part of the RCA and want to join us then drop me a line for times and dates


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